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Laparoscopic vs Open Hernia Surgery


A hernia is a gap in the strong tissue that holds muscles in place, and occurs when the abdominal muscles have weakened, resulting in a bulge or tear. There are many methods in which to repair inguinal hernias. Laparoscopic hernia repair is a technique that utilizes small incisions, a telescope, and a patch of mesh

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Advanced Robotic Surgery Techniques


I think it’s time to make it official: Now is the future. Believe it or not, there is such a thing as robot assisted surgery. That sentence and the implications it brings summon a whole host of questions, like ‘What exactly are we talking about?’ or “Can robots even?” Well, that’s what this article is

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Advanced Robotic Hernia Repair


Today we are going to cover having hernia injuries repaired via robotic surgery. We will address this subject straight on, first covering what hernias are, then what robotic surgery is before finally discussing the overall procedure. Hopefully this article rings true as both informative and thorough. What is a hernia? A hernia is a tear in

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Hernia Symptoms and Treatments


When an organ or any piece of tissue protrudes out of its space, the condition is called a hernia. This usually happens because the surrounding muscle or wall of tissue is weak, allowing the protrusion to happen. A hernia can be seen as a visible lump, which becomes more obvious when doing any strenuous activity